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Musician and multi instrumentalist Brox has been active in music for over 20 years. Born and raised in Chicago, it started in high school with punk bands, over the years making the rounds through folk, garage rock, no wave, noise, and pop. Having experience in touring North America and Europe, the solo project Brox has become the answer to the time constraints and personal responsibilities at home in Chicago that prevent long stints on the road.

This effort is not in response to anything, it is merely my attempt at making some art using my past experiences as the inspiration. i chose to navigate former relationships, toxic behaviour, and the thresholds of insight regarding pain, sadness and frustration. I feel these are universal songs that can connect with a broad audience, and that is my hope.

*Operated a small recording studio in a warehouse for 10 years

*Engineered and Mixed dozens of local bands demos, EPs, and full lengths 

*Produced and curated multiple music/art festivals involving upwards of 30 band over two consecutive nights

*Collaborated with Pipeworks Brewing for a limited run (895 bombers) of "Peek-a-Brew" beer to celebrate the premiere of the Peekaboos newest music video 

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